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English 6
Instructor: Mrs. Elefson   
Due 3/30
On a sheet of paper, draw all the influences on Roman life that we learned about in chapter 32. Label and color each image.
If you were absent on 4/21...
We composed a paragraph as a class and then revised it. This paragraph has been shared with students via Google Classroom.

We focused on the following when writing this paragraph: show, don't tell, what you are communicating (5 senses); use a variety of transition words; circle the first word of each sentence and revise any repeated words; improve your word choice for one word in each sentence.

4/20 Class Outline
Reason: unsanitary

Clarify: unhealthful living

Detail: black smoke from train
Commentary: stays in lungs long time

Detail: eat from trash can
Commentary: get sick

Detail: no restrooms, side of train
Commentary: exposed to disease from feces

Closing: unhygienic
Due 3/30
1. Finish reading chapters 6 and 7.
2. Add to Bud bubble map. Feel free to use a second sheet of paper as needed.
3. Add to tree map plot line for rising action: chapter 6 and chapter 7
4. Complete questions for chapters 5-7 (ongoing due date)

1. "Bud, Not Buddy" chapter questions and summaries.
2. Figurative Language & Idioms WS
Tissue Donations Please!

We are running out of the oh-so-soft-but-sometimes-rough-squared-shaped-paper-for-my-nose supply (AKA tissue paper) in our room. Please feel free to donate some never-been-used tissue boxes (because that would be a ew-that-would-be-gross-if-I-donated-used-crunchy-tissue-boxes situation if you donated used tissues).

Thank you!
Due 3/24
Figurative Language WS
Chapters 1-3 Quiz on Thursday, March 24
"Bud, not Buddy" chapters 1-3 quiz on Thursday.
Due 3/18
Bring a copy of your GD journal entry to class. Don't forget your heading! =)
Due 3/16
Great Depression worksheet: Check Google Classroom for handouts and instructions on assignment(s).
Due 3//2
Paraphrasing worksheet: Only complete the three index cards on the passages about uniforms.
Due 2/25
Final draft of your response to literature essay due in class on Thursday..

Due 2/24
Rough draft of your response to literature essay due on Wednesday.

Please print your essay. Final draft must be double-spaced have body paragraphs numbered with power sentences.
Due 2/17
Valentine's Day Limerick

If you've already submitted your work, please check it for comments and possibly revision suggestions.
Due 2/5
Finish numbering the Power Sentences in the "Tuesday of the Other June" essay example. Be prepared to discuss the questions at the bottom of the page.
Due 2/2
Finish Yes/No chart for our debate question: Should African nations allow trophy hunting?

Please scan the entire article from beginning to end for details to add to your chart.
Due 1/29
Please join Google Classroom. Here's the code: ybax4n.

Due 1/28
Typed and colorfully illustrated "If I were in charge of the world..." poem.
Due 1/15
Worksheet and quiz for ISIS article.
VRS 9 + 10 quiz Friday, January 8.
Due 1/5
"Don't Think Poem"

Try your best to condense your topic. Here's how the author from the poem might've chosen his/her topic:
Topic: Being uncomfortable --> Going to the bathroom --> There isn't a bathroom around when you need to go.

Here's another example: Going to School --> First day of school --> Being late on the first day of school
Due 12/9
Rough draft (typed and double-spaced). Include a unique title for your essay.
Due 12/8
Conclusion paragraph worksheet completed.
Due 12/10
1) Final draft of My Favorite Person Essay typed and double-spaced. Remember to underline your figurative language, a compound sentence, and one AAAWWUUBBIS.
2) Bring your rough draft.
3) Bring all of your essay worksheets (pink papers)--introduction paragraph outline, body paragraph outline, conclusion outline.

Due 12/4
If you did not complete yesterday's homework assignment, please complete it today so that you can catch up with the rest of the class. Tomorrow is our last day to type our body paragraphs in the computer lab.
Due 12/3
Complete the entire packet for your body paragraph outline.

1. Include transitions.
There is a list of transitions on the last page of the packet.

2. Tickle the senses by appealing to the your reader's (five) senses!
Example: the lights were beautiful --> the string of rainbow-colored lights lit up the garage

3. Use figurative language to make a point.
Example: My dog is hyper. ---> My dog bounced around as if she were on a sugar high from eating a box of Nerds.

4. Remember to build up your ideas.
Power 1: My mother is kind.
Power 2: bought me a watch.
Power 3: need the watch to get me to class on time.
Power 4: shopping at Santa Anita mall, saw it on display at a jewelry counter at Macy's
Power 1: what a generous gift

It's been exciting to watch each of you grow as writers! I'm looking forward to reading your favorite person essays!

Due 12/2
First page of the body paragraph outline packet.
Due 12/1
Introduction paragraph with thesis.
Due 11/5
1. Summary: "Trading Card Talk"
Due 11/3
1. Complete your plot line worksheet.

Sorry for the late post. I just checked the web site again and saw that my original post didn't upload.

President Cleveland, Where Are You Class Plot Line

POV: 1st person (I, me, my, we, our, etc.)

Theme: Making the right decision (requires courage/sacrifice and) isn’t always going to make you feel good.

Setting: autumn, Great Depression; Monument City (Depression town)
Characters: main: Jerry; minor: Armand (brother), Jerry’s dad, Rollie Tremaine, Roger (best friend), Rita, Yolande and Yvette (sisters), Mrs. Belander

Conflict: Jerry has to decide whether to keep his possessions or use them to help his family.

Events that move the story along:
  1. Inciting incident: Armand asks Jerry to contribute money to their father’s birthday gift. Jerry only gives 15 cents because he wants to buy Cowboy Cards with the rest of his money. (p.37) (This is the inciting incident because it gets the story going.
  1. Cowboy cards are no longer sold. Jerry feels guilty and wants to contribute more money to the birthday gift, but it’s too late. (p.39)
  1. Jerry becomes obsessed with President Cards and wants to win the prized glove. (p.40)

  1. Both Dad and Armand are laid off. (p.41)
  1. Armand is lovesick. He wants to take Sally to the dance, but he doesn’t have money. (p.41-42)

  1. Climax: Armand tells Jerry where he can find a Grover Cleveland card at the North Side Drugstore. (p.42)
  1. Jerry sells his GC card to Rollie so that Armand can attend the dance.
  1. Roger is upset that Jerry sold the card, which makes Jerry feel like a traitor. He sits a long time “waiting for the good feeling to come.” (p.44)
Due 10/30
Power Paragraph on facing a challenge in life.
Due 10/28
1. Finish your bubble map about Ike.
2. Type paragraph answer the prompt about Ike. Please do the following: double-space, use Times New Roman size 12 font, and read your paragraph aloud twice to help you with revisions.
Due 10/27
1. VRS 7 worksheet
2. Power Paragraph revised: Please show changes by using colored ink or underlining them. Thank you. :)
Original: I get good grades.
Revised: Students earn stellar grades.
Due 10/23
Revise plot line art card as instructed by your teacher.
Due 10/22
Plot line art

Blank side: colorful and neat illustration of plot line. Include the following labels: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement/resolution.

Back of card: Explain each element of plot using today's notes. Don't forget to mention theme and the many parts that make up the exposition of a story.
VRS 6 & 7 Combined quiz on 10/30
VRS 5 Quiz on 10/23
Due 10/20
1. VRS Worksheet
2. Poetry worksheets
Requesting Donations
Please check the file named "Donation Requests." Thanks!
Due 10/16
"Eleven" text-based answers worksheets
Due 10/15
1. Revised power paragraph (with a 4th power included). Please bring all rough drafts and your rubric.

Due 10/14
1. VRS Worksheet
2.Poetry Lesson 5: Imagery worksheet. Be sure to complete assignments on both the front and back pages.
3. Mrs. Price bubble map with evidence and page number
Due 10/12
1. "Eleven" bumper sticker
Donation Request
Mrs. Elefson is requesting a pack of multi-colored pens for our lessons on theme.

Thank you!
Due 10/7
Feelings About Words poem
Due 10/6
VRS worksheet
Due 10/2
1. Bring a copy of your typed power paragraph to class. Please double-space it.
Due 10/2
1. Signatures for last week's VRS quiz.
Due 9/29
1.VRS worksheet
2. Compound subjects and verbs worksheet (on the back of the VRS worksheet).
VRS Quiz 10/2
Announcement for Parents
Reading index results were sent home with students today. The grade level range for sixth grader is 800-849. Anything about that is as follows:
850-899 = seventh grade
900-999 = eighth grade
1000-1024= ninth grade
1025-1049 = tenth grader
1050-1300= eleventh grade
1301+ = above eleventh grade

Please continue to encourage your kiddo to read. And challenge them to read books that are slightly above their reading level. A list of book suggestions is included with your child's reading index results.
Quiz on 9/25
Vocabulary, roots, and spelling quiz for Week 2
Due 9/23
Suffix worksheet for words ending with "-ance."
Rotating Poem
"The Fat Cat"
There was once a fat cat
Ate too many Chips Ahoy
He was on the welcome mat
The cat swallowed a boy
Who never came back
So the doctors had to hack.
Due 9/22
Vocabulary, Roots and Spelling (VRS) Worksheet for week 2
Due 9/18
Subjects in Unusual Order worksheets: p. 19 (all), p. 20 (Part A only)
Due 9/16
1. Subjects in Unusual Order worksheet: p.19 #2, 4, 7, 9, 13, p. 20 #1, 4 (top page only)
2. Verb phrase practice sheet
Parents, please help.
Parents, please quiz your child on helping verbs. They have a handout with all 23 helping verbs listed, along with a song on the back to help them memorize these verbs. There is a quiz retake in class this Thursday (9/17), and it is very important that students know all 23 helping verbs to pass the quiz.

Thank you!
Verb Phrase Retake Quiz (9/17)
In-class retake quiz. Please be sure to study the notes in your comp books.
Due 9/17
RVS worksheet
Friday, September 18
RVS Week 1 Quiz. Review PowerPoint has been posted.
Due 9/11/15
Compound subject and verb worksheet
Verb Phrase Quiz on 9-11-15
Due 9/10
1. Review the verb phrase formula.
2. Learn the Helping Verbs song.
Due 9/9
1. In your composition books (CB), explain how to use the Main Idea Equation to find a passage's "bigger picture" or main topic.

2. Main Idea Equation worksheet (WS)
Room 14 needs your alliance!
Sniffling noses are dominating our supply of tissue boxes. We need to restock our cupboards in preparation for possible mass nose-leak invasions!  Please help by donating tissue boxes to room 14. Thank you!

 RVS Review
PowerPoint review of weekly roots, vocabulary and spelling
 Back to School Night_L6.ppt
Back-to-School-Night PowerPoint
 Donation Requests for English.doc
Donation Requests for English
 Writing Navigational Tools.doc
Navigational Tools Packet
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